November 04, 2011
Guys Guide to Women’s T-Shirts
Guys Guide to Women’s T-Shirts
Let’s face it—the average guy is clueless about women’s clothing. Just the other day, my girlfriend asked me “how do I look?” which gets my usual response ranging from “good”, “great” or sometimes “amazing”. Even if I thought otherwise, how else could I answer such a dangerous question? I could pretend like my phone is ringing, but last time I did that she knew I was avoiding the question. Maybe I could dramatically jump up like I did the time DeMarco Murray ran that 91 yard touchdown against the Rams, even if it’s just the opening credits to our favorite TV show. Lucky for us guys, the Dallas Cowboys have a large selection of stylish women’s apparel that look great on every woman! Pick up one of these t-shirts for the special lady in your life:
  1. Dallas Cowboys PINK Sundays V-Neck Tee Dallas Cowboys Francis Long Sleeve V-Neck Burnout T-Shirt
This tee is part of the exclusive Dallas Cowboys collection from Victoria Secret.  It’s one of my favorites because of the low cut v-neck and foil graphic. Women love the feminine fit and blinged-out sequins on this top.
  1. Dallas Cowboys Francis Long Sleeve V-Neck Burnout T-Shirt
Surprise her with this long sleeved tee that goes with just about anything. The Dallas Cowboys Football graphic says “I’m proud to be a Cowboy’s fan!”  As a gift for the holidays or just because, this t-shirt would put a smile on her face.
  1. Dallas Cowboys Splash of Love Long Sleeve Layered T-Shirt
With cold weather rapidly approaching, this top gives a new twist to dressing in layers. It’s a short sleeve t-shirt over a long sleeve t-shirt, perfect for the cooler temperatures. I wouldn’t even have to think about it if she asked me while wearing any of these t-shirts. They’d all look great! Maybe these aren’t her style? There are plenty of other options at

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